Please stop killing me I'm just trying to farm gold.

August 2020

Finding meaning in killing tens of thousands of video game bugs.

July 2020

There are no more secrets in World of Warcraft. The only thing left to do now is optimize.

May 2020

How stat weights and spreadsheets determines what looks cool and what does not.
How killing Bosses in World of Warcraft requires dealing with bosses and management.

April 2020

On the impossibility of experiencing rest while earning Rested Experience in World of Warcraft.

November 2019

What I love most about World of Warcraft is, above all, the numbers.

October 2019

Here is the thing about World of Warcraft Classic: I already “beat it” 15 years ago.

September 2019

On the Barrens, and how people never change.
On growing up playing World of Warcraft, and lying to everyone about it.